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Don't forget these...

A selection of shop samples knit by some amazing sample knitters and some FO's knit by yours truly. 

I've recently come to terms with the fact that I knit a lot of sweaters that I think are beautifully designed but just aren't something I reach for and wear...ever. I think almost every single sweater I'm listing here has never been worn. If it has, it's been once for a very short period of time. 

All FO's come from a smoke-free, pet-friendly home!

Below you will find the breakdown of the sweater/shawl, the size that was knit, and the pattern name:


Sweater 1: Tecumseh Sweater by Caitlin Hunter

Size: XS (The finished circumference at the bust is 40")
Yarn: Hello Stella Basic Stella in Love Shack (MC), Jay Bird (CC), and Peat (CC) *all retired
Modifications: Did not do a third repeat of the colourwork and did short sleeves.

*Knit by yours truly!


Sweater 2: Soldotna Crop designed by Caitlin Hunter

Size: XS (34" circumference at bust)
Yarn: House of A La Mode purchased in Oregon at a trunk show
Modifications: No Modifications were made

*Knit by yours truly - still has ends to be woven in (hence, NEVER WORN!)


Sweater 3: Sunset Highway designed by Caitlin Hunter (Sample knit)

Size: XS (34" circumference at bust)
Yarn: Hello Stella Basic Stella Fingering - all retired colourways.
Modifications: No modifications made.


Sweater 4: Ingalls Sweater designed by Caitlin Hunter (Shop Sample)

Size: XXS (40.75" Circumference at bust)
Yarn: Basic Stella DK in Just Like Heaven and Surf, Fluffy Stella Mohair in Oil Slick *held with Surf for colourwork.
Modifications: Short Sleeve.


Sweater 5: Sipila Sweater by Caitlin Hunter (shop sample)

Size: XXS (39" circumference at bust)
Yarn: Basic Stella Fingering *retired MC colourway never brought to the shop. CC is Tawny
Modifications: None.


Sweater 6: Diaphanous Raglan designed by Jessie Martinson (shop sample)

Size: S (38.5" circumference at bust)
Yarn: Basic Stella Fingering + Fluffy Stella Mohair *retired colourways
Modifications: None


Sweater 7: Brunswick Tee designed by Marie Greene (shop sample)

Size: 32 (34.5" circumference at bust) 
Yarn: MC SW Merino and Mohair Blend, CC Jay Bird on Basic Stella Fingering
Modifications: None.


Sweater 8: Aquamarline designed by Park Williams

Size: S (34" circumference at bust) 
Yarn: Various yarns from different dyers
Modifications: None. This piece is full of life and has never been worn (as you can see some ends have never been weaved in!) I love this knit but I never reach for it or wear it and it's a complete shame!

*Knit by yours truly.


Sweater 9: Ranunculus by designed by Midori Highrose 

Size: XS-M (38" circumference at bust) 
Yarn: Basic Stella Fingering in Purl Grey held with Cozy Stella Suri Alpaca in Jadeite *hint of Hubba at waist cast off)
Modifications: Short sleeve

*Knit by yours truly.


Sweater 10: Bombshell Crop designed by Chantal Miyagishima 

Size: S (35" circumference at bust)
Yarn: Kenyarn in exclusive colourway for pattern
Modifications: None

*Knit by yours truly.


Sweater 11: Kingston Sweater designed by Tara-Lynn Morrison

Size: S-M (34" circumference at bust)
Yarn: Knit Collage Spun Cloud in Honeysuckle
Modifications: None. 

*Knit by yours truly.


Shawl: Ohra Shawl designed by Caitlin Hunter (shop sample)

Yarn: Basic Stella Fingering in Winter Pines, Balsam, and Purl Grey
Modifications: None


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