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I'm not great with words (especially this past week...I've left many sentences unfinished! Teething babies will have that effect on you, haha)

I had so many questions about my scrappy blanket, if you've been following me for a while you know I made MANY attempts. I tried the mitred squares, the arrows, simple garter stitch, crochet grannies, granny stripe....but I didn't like anything. So I walked away from it for a bit, but I still had Otis picking my colours because he loves it so much. 

I finally decided to pick up my crochet hook again and voila! I decided to not follow a pattern and just wing it and I'm super happy with how everything is progressing. 

Below you will find the pattern *It's been a minute since I did this, so I apologize in advance if it's hard to read!*

For my blanket, I am using fingering weight mini skeins held double. Some hexies I'm holding one colour double, some I'm holding two colours together to achieve a bit of marling - it's super fun. 

You could attempt this the same way I am, or you could add a border, or even make them larger by continuing your rounds. But, before I get too ahead of myself, here is the pattern I am using (completely made up on a whim!)

Hello Stella Granny Hexie

Begin by Chaining 4 stitches, join in the round with a slip stitch.

Chain 4

Chain 2 (this will be your first double crochet. Traditionally it's a chain 3, but I find the Ch 2 is neater.)

Double Crochet into the centre, Chain 1

Work *2Dc, Ch1* . repeat this until you have 6 clusters of 2 double crochet (or 12 Dc and 6 Chain stitches). Slip stitch to the top of your beginning Chain 2. 

12 Dc, 6 Ch1

Chain 3

In the next Chain 1 space, work *3Dc, Ch3, 3Dc. Chain 1* Repeat this until you have made your way around to your beginning Chain 3.

3 Dc, Ch 3, 3 Dc

Slip Stitch in the second chain st, pull yarn and cut leaving a 3 inch tail (to be weaved in.)

Finished Hexie


For the join as you go method, it's really simple once you work your first! You're substituting Chain stitches with Slip Stitches to attach your grannies together. This can be used on any shape of granny. 

Click this link to watch a quick tutorial! 




  • Thanks for sharing this pattern! What size crochet hook do you use?


  • I’m enjoying making the hexy blanket but how do I get the sides more even to finish.
    Thanks. Enjoy your Instagram immensely.


  • I love this idea! Especially since I don’t have quite enough little bits and bobs to make a full one yet – there’s no pressure to complete it and I can work a new hexie whenever I’ve got more scraps!


  • Thank you for this recipe! I have a hexagon quilt that I adore, so this is perfect for my scrappy blanket project. It’s adorable!

    Kteni Smith

  • Thanks for the pattern! I forgot how much I enjoyed crochet, been on a steady knit diet lately. Love that crochet hook, where can you buy them?


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